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SMART ID Software
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What operating systems does it support?

We recommend and support Windows 10 only. Windows 10 Enterprise Version and other operating systems (Linux, Ubuntu OS, etc.) are not supported. Use BioScan fingerprint scanner to sign in to your Windows 10 devices through Windows Hello.

Does it work for Mac or Chrome Book?


Does it work with iPad/iPhone?

It works with the computer with Windows 10 OS. However, it doesn’t support any iOS device yet.

Can the USB Fingerprint Scanner share between computers?

Yes. As long as the USB Fingerprint Scanner register to different computers with Windows 10, it will be recognized when user plug into each computer.

Does it work with an external USB hub connect to the computer?

Yes, it works through an external USB hub connects to the computer.

Does it work with USB 3.0?

Yes, it works with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces.


What can the USB Fingerprint Scanner unlock other than Windows OS sign-in?

USB Fingerprint Scanner can lock/unlock the encrypted files/directories and support 1-touch website login with installing an optional Smart-ID software.

Can the USB Fingerprint Scanner support website login?

After download and install the optional Smart-ID software on your computer, you can save the username/password for popular websites (e.g. Facebook.com… etc.) in the Password Manager and log-in the website with 1-touch the USB Fingerprint Scanner. The supporting website list can be downloaded from http://www.ideminc.com/support/.

What if user miss/unplug the USB Fingerprint Scanner from the computer?

The Windows OS will by-pass the Fingerprint Scan and requires user either to enter username and password or enter the PIN code (if PIN code setup ready).

Does it contain any memory chip?

No, the USB Fingerprint Scanner doesn’t include any flash memory chip in it. User’s fingerprint are recorded in Windows Hello database in the computer.

Does the sensor register in Windows device manager?


Touchpad Capability

What if user’s finger is painted, lotion covered or injured?

It affects the recognition of the touch sensor and may fail to recognize if the finger is covered by paint/lotion or injured. In this case, the user shall register multi-fingerprint as alternative.

Does it work in all orientations for example user’s finger points toward the USB port?

Yes, the USB Fingerprint Scanner can recognize the user’s fingerprint from all angles.

Does it support multi-user?

Yes, the USB Fingerprint Scanner allow up to 10 fingerprints per user account.

Is it touch unlock, not swipe?

Yes, user can sign-in Windows OS with 1-touch.

Browser Support And Website Login

Does it support Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Yes, user can download and install the optional Smart-ID software.

Does it support Google Chrome?

Yes, user can download and install the optional Smart-ID software.

Can it support Windows Edge Browser?

No, it doesn’t support Windows Edge Browser.

Can it support the online banking website?

No, it cannot support any online banking website.

Can the USB Fingerprint Scanner support the website login with two-step authentication?

No. Two-step authentication generally involves a computer and a mobile phone where the phone provides authentication code to verify the owner of the computer. So the USB Fingerprint Scanner cannot help out if the website login requires two-step authentication.


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