Smart Bicycle Taillight

When do I use NIGHT MODE?

In NIGHT MODE, the taillight burst flashes only when you are riding the bike and it is dark. When it is bright, the taillight will be off. Thus, although the deceleration warning light will still be in effect when it is bright, you will use NIGHT MODE only when you desire power saving during the day.

What is the difference between Night Mode and All Day Mode?

In All Day Mode, the taillight will flash in daylight as well as nighttime whenever bike is in motion. In Night Mode, the taillight will only flash in nighttime whenever bike is in motion; during the daytime, the taillight will remain off for power saving.

Should we use saddle mount or seat post mount?

If both options are viable for your bike, seat post mount is recommended in order to recharge the taillight without detaching it from the bracket.

How does the deceleration warning light work?

The tail light has an accelerometer that detects the deceleration of the bike. The ultra-bright deceleration warning light will be on for 2 seconds when the bike slows down quickly before returning to burst flashing.

Should I use Night Mode or All Day Mode?

To provide visibility under the sun to get driver’s attention, we recommend All Day Mode, under which the tail light will flash whenever bike is in motion, day or night.

Do I need to power off the tail light?

It is not necessary. After you power on the tail light, you can leave it alone. Whenever bike is motionless for a period of time, Tail light switches off automatically until bike resumes motion.

How do I know the battery is running low and needs a recharge?

When the battery is running low, the alarm and LED light become weaker. You are recommended to recharge the battery. When the taillight’s battery needs an immediate recharge, the device will generate an additional du-du reminding sound when you press the RED button.

Why is the taillight not charged?

Make sure the charging port is correctly inserted into the charging port. We recommend using the original charging cable provided.

How do I know battery charging is complete?

The device has an automatic, fully charged cut-off system. When Taillight is charging, the light stays on. When it is fully charged, the light will turn off.

How long can the taillight keep flashing?


How long does it take for a full charge?

2-3 hours

When will SOS stress light turns on?

When the bike tilts over 45 degrees, the taillight will enter SOS Mode and repeat the following flashing pattern: 3 short flashes, 3 long flashes, 3 short flashes.

How does the “theft-deterrent alarm” work? What if it is a false alarm?

When the device is armed, any vibration detected will cause the device to go off for 2 seconds. If motion is detected again within the next 10 seconds, without any attempt to disarm, an Alarm will sound nonstop for 30 seconds before returning to armed mode. If no additional motion is detected within 12 seconds after the first motion detection, Taillight will consider it a false alarm, and return to armed mode.

Why is the alarm not sensitive?

Make sure the device is sufficiently charged. Do not move the bike immediately after pressing the RED button that sounds an ALERT (3) times.

Why does the alarm stop after a while?

When the device is armed and disturbed, the alarm will sound nonstop for 30 seconds if no attempt is made to disarm. After that, the device will become silent and return to armed mode until it is disturbed again.

Why is the RED or BLUE button not working?

Make sure the device is sufficiently charged. When the device is in SOS Mode, neither RED or BLUE button is functional. Make sure the device is in normal horizontal position before operating the buttons.


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